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Buzzfeed getting a cat
37. Keep the Pet Poison Control hotline in your contacts.
Chris Ritter / Via BuzzFeed
"Give them their own space to settle into the home without too much pressure
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Nobody tells you about the secret second life your cat will lead when you're not around.
If your lifestyle isn't suitable for adopting a cat, you can still get. Laura Gallant / BuzzFeed
There are TONS of kittens, adult cats, and senior cats that are looking for
"If someone wants to adopt a second (or even a third or fourth
We get a lot of customers who don't
This cat who got twisted into a sticky situation:
This cat that looks like its ready to tell you get off its lawn:
21 Tumblr Posts About Cats That You Just MIGHT Not Have Actually Seen Yet
"In terms of cats who actively dislike people, there are two types;
When they fold up and turn into a cat loaf.
"We get people who come in with this lovely idea that they're
"The hard thing with kittens is that we don't know how their
"The most common reason we see cats being brought into Battersea is people saying
Reality: your cat mostly just sleeps, and your Instagrams of it get, like, seven total likes.
Do not declaw your cat.
31 Tumblr Posts About Cats That You Absolutely Need To See Right This Minute
"The main benefit of adopting from a rescue centre is that you get a. Laura Gallant / BuzzFeed
"WHAT are you staring ...
People Surprise Their Roommates With A Cat // Presented By BuzzFeed & Clump & Seal
This dog and this cat, who don't mind sharing a single armrest.
The average lifespan of a cat is 13 to 17 years, but a lot of cats have been known to live over 20.
1. They're never fun to be around.
We Need To Talk About This "Coughing" Cat Meme Because It Has Truly Ruined Me
Charlotte Gomez / BuzzFeed
1. On exposure:
"We would recommend keeping your cat indoors for three to four weeks after they
Brushing your cat's teeth can be a difficult task, but it should be done as often as possible.
Nobody tells you that once you get a cat, you'll probably never be able to own a plant again because they'll find a way to completely destroy it.
Letting a cat venture out on his own is dangerous: He could get lost,
Flickr: 70757073@N00
First off, black cats are not cute.
Amid growing concerns about outsiders infilitrating the Labour leadership race, BuzzFeed News managed to get a vote for this cat.
Cat overpopulation is a huge problem so it's extremely important to ALWAYS spay and neuter your kitties.
1. Gomi:
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It can take "seven to fourteen days" for your cat to get used
Get everything on your supply list before you even bring your cat home.
Cats ruin puzzles.
Can't get enough cats?
1. Reading a book.
This cat could get me to do anything she wanted.
Signs You're A Cat Lady // Presented By BuzzFeed & Rachael Ray Nutrish
Buzzfeed Cats
So make sure you get a scratching post that's at least three feet high!
A kitty wine stopper because it's a classic cat move, trying to get into small spaces it doesn't belong. At least this time it's helpful!
Water is the most important nutrient for your cat so make sure your little buddy has access to it at all times!
Nobody tells you how many worst-case scenarios you're capable of thinking up that involve your cat escaping or getting injured when you're not home.
Most of all, be patient and give lots of love to your new kitty! It may take her a little while to get used to her new environment, but you're in store ...
Vote on Buzzfeed's Cute or Not — get.buzzfeed.com/cuteornot
But she does think cat owners appreciated her candid photo because it's often difficult to get "clear proof" of a cat's guilt.
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Black Cats Might Be Getting Adopted Thanks To "Black Panther" And It's Pretty Great
1. For both of you, there's literally nothing better than a night in.
Here's the thing: You know your cat is simultaneously 100% evil and 100% adorable.
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Cats on buzzfeed cookie
BuzzFeed Just Killed a Media Reporting Cliché
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Video viral of the week: Mars teams with BuzzFeed for 'cat vs mouse' pet app
Every Morning, When Her Cat-Mom Is Getting Ready, This Orange Tabby Does THIS
BuzzFeed on Twitter: "This cat who figured out how to get water straight out of the fridge is inspiring AF https://t.co/mE6y1psVh2… "
Angry cats? Don't get upset . . . Japan tells Buzzfeed